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Brisbane Cash For Car


Brisbane Cash For Car is a leading auto wrecker in Australia. We have years of experience serving customers from different domains. This has helped us provide personalized service, and has become the mainstay of our company. Providing quality, and efficient service is our motto. At Brisbane Cash For Car, you can sell any car in any condition. We accept different types of vehicles - UTVs, SUVs, Cars, Buses, Vans, Caravans - or any vehicle you want to sell. Our team helps you get the best deal. Throughout the selling process, we make sure you are content, and get what you want. For this, we provide free quotes, free estimation, free inspection, and free towing process. If you want a hassle-free selling process, Brisbane Cash For Car is here to serve you.

Our goal

Customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team strives to achieve maximum customer convenience through the following.




Each customer's needs are different. We therefore tailor our services accordingly.


Same day service

Our team will provide you the service within 24 hrs. We do this to help you be stress-free.


Maximum cash

We pay you more than the average estimation. You get paid what you want, and according to your car's condition.


Simple, and easy

The entire process is a seamless, and direct approach. Just call/email us, and get paid.

Selling your vehicle has to be a simple, and hassle-free process. At Brisbane Cash For Car, we strive to achieve the same. You do want the same, don't you?

Why Choose Us

Scrap Car collection
Scrap Car collection

Get rid of your scrap cars within a day. No delays. We collect it within 24 hrs.

Official Paperwork sorted
Official Paperwork sorted

We do all the paperwork for you. You don't have to go through the legal headaches.

Doorstep service
Doorstep service

We arrive at your doorstep to remove your car from your location. The complete service is free.

Best price in an instant
Best price in an instant

Get paid high cash instantly. You don't have to wait to receive your cash. The day the car is removed, you get paid.

Responsible for recycling
Responsible for recycling

We recycle the car, taking care of the environment.

Our customers love us
Our customers love us

We have an excellent track of delightful customers over the years. Be the one to join them.

Contact us Now

If you are looking for a free car removal service, and want higher than the market value price for your car, either call or email us now.

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