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Factors that Affect the Price of Scrap Cars

Factors that Affect the Price of Scrap Cars

The scrap cars and their selling prices rely on some specific factors that will simultaneously work with the status of the car. There are way many factors that affect the pricing of your scrap cars -

Year/make/model of the car

  • The first factor that goes into determining the price of a junk car is the most basic one just by determining the car’s year/make or model.
  • If your car is still commonly driven, if it’s particularly rare, or if the demand for its parts is high, so, that cash for cars will be valued more highly without much of the hassle.
  • The year/make/model is also important because knowing the real state of the car materials can change a great deal from year to year.
  • Few cars from certain back years may contain much less steel and aluminum, which plays a larger role in determining the scrap value of the car.

The current price of the scrap metal

  • This factor isn’t one that most regular car owners choose but it actually plays a huge role in determining the going rate of a junk car. Even cars that aren’t worth salvaging can be turned into scrap metal quite easily.
  • The average car consists of 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum and all that metal can be sold and recycled into new products.
  • The catch is that the scrap car parts vary widely from year to year. It’s all based upon the supply and demand for steel and aluminum.

Condition of the car

  • The condition of the car determines what the buyer will be able to do with it.
  • If the scrap car has just a couple of issues that prevent it from running smoothly, you can get the appropriate cash with the cash for unwanted or junk cars kind of services which will provide you the particular worth for the car according to the market rate.
  • The specific condition still plays an important role. If the total cost of repairs to get it running again will be very high, then a buyer won’t be willing to pay as much for the car itself.
  • Along the same lines, if your junk car is in a rusted situation that will never make it onto the road again, it will have to be bought for its parts or scrap value, depending upon the model.

Market demand for the parts

  • Let’s say you have an old scrap car that’s not worth refurbishing. The parts of the car still have value even if the car is not in proper condition. Cash for scrap cars kind of services will help things out to get the actual prices for the parts too.
  • The market value of those parts is based on how high the demand is.
  • If other people with the same car frequently need repairs, demand is high.
  • If your car’s parts are not often resold, the car is probably worthless for both sides.

Location of the car

  • Last but not the least, the location of your junk car will help determine the right price.
  • The popularity of specific cars in a certain area will determine the market rate of the car and its parts.
  • The distance of the salvage yard from the car's location will determine whether the junk car buyer will have to spend extra on transporting the car.

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